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SuperSU Installation Checklist: (what you need for SuperSU to work)

Custom Recovery (TWRP, etc.)
Bootloader of your phone model
USB cable

Step 1: Enter developer mode
Go to Settings----Software info----Build number, click 7-8 times to enter developer mode (it will pop up on the bottom of your mobile screen). This may vary among different phones, so do look up for how to enter developer mode for your specific model.

Developer mode is exclusively created for Android phones to perform “tweaking” and testing for developers and users. Entering Developer mode is the first step to root access

Step 2: Turn on USB debugging mode and unlock phone (may require bootloader)
ADB debugging mode is to allow users to work on their phone from PC. Through this, users can input commands. “Unlock phone” here refers to unlock bootloader, a procedure necessary for SuperSU to be flashed into the system. If you have trouble with this step, simply search online about your device’s bootloader and download it.

Step 3: Use a USB cable to link to computer, move SuperSU zip packet into SD card
It should be simple, click-n-drag. Newer phones may require users to change phone status from “charging only” to “USB device”, making your phone able to send/receive files.

Step 4: Reboot to custom recovery.

For friends who just joined us, this step may require some explanation: SuperSU.zip is required to be installed through CUSTOM recovery. Recovery mode is similar to the “Safe” mode on Windows (when your computer crash, restart and enters a “weird” windows screen). In the recovery mode, your phone can perform various commands to “fix” things. Yet every phone is manufactured with its own original recovery, thus what we want to achieve is to add an “unofficial” recovery (custom recovery) into the phone and to achieve root access. This will require users to flash in the custom recovery of their choice. For more info on flashing recovery, simple search online such as TWRP and you will find it in no time.

Step 5: Select installing SuperSU.zip file
If you are using TWRP recovery, follow the displayed directions and install SuperSU.zip. For other recovery tool, please understand how it works before use.
Step 6: After successful installation of SuperSU, the system will reboot and ask if maintaining root status, select yes.

The last step of the SU game is the easiest  get your coffee ready and click “yes”  If you experienced any technical difficulty along the way, check our guides for specific phone models or leave a message in our forum. Go SuperSU!

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