4 Must-Try Apps For Rooted Android Phones

  • by Ashutosh KS

    Android uses the term Root or SuperUser for elevated administrator privileges. Many users root their Android devices but are not sure on how to proceed once rooting is done. Fortunately, there are various Android applications that utilizes root privileges to do a whole lot more.

    Root-enabled applications allows users to enjoy full use of the Android system, and can do much more than root-disabled applications. For example, while an uninstaller app allows you to uninstall user applications, a root-enabled uninstaller app lets you uninstall user as well as system applications.

    Moreover, these applications also provide functionalities that are not possible otherwise, such as system font changer, custom ROM installer, app data backup and restore manager, etc. To that end, here are 20 rooted apps that can help you do more with your Android.


    SuperSU is the world’s best root privileges manager. It handles all root or superuser access i.e. any application trying to access system has to contact SuperSU to gain access permissions. SuperSU lets you grant or deny permission to any application requesting system privileges. It comes with lots of features like access and request logs, un-root option, option to auto-allow system apps, etc.


    Root Checker

    Root Checker can test the root status of your Android device. This application requests root permissions on your rooted device, and detects if the device is successfully rooted or not. It comes very handy in case you’re trying to root your device using some tutorial and want to confirm that the process went good, and your device now allows root privileges.



    Greenify is a mix of battery saver and performance booster. It hibernates applications that consumes more system resources, and make your device run faster and smoother. Root privileges allows it to hibernate even system apps, thereby greatly improving the performance. Xposed framework along with root privileges brings more features and so is recommended.


    Titanium Backup

    Titanium Backup is a super useful data backup tool. The app can backup and restore user data even at the time of upgrading the ROM or installing a new custom ROM. It also allows batch jobs for install, restore, uninstall and backup of applications. The app also offers premium features such as completely automated batch app installer, etc.


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