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  • Please my phone has not been receiving mobile network and when I try to make calls it says Not Registered on Network, anyone should help

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    What did you do? Have you rooted your phone with SuperSU or is it a technical error?

  • I'm with the guy above , if you can't make calls your having another issue it's not an update problem. Because of that was the case all cell phone company would be fired up to roll out their updates on the same day just to keep customers, but that's not the case because that old flip phone that you had 10 years ago still runs on the same network today without any updates what so ever. Either your apns have gotten screwed up some how, you dropped the handset and it now has to be warranted and that depends on if it's still within the allotted time frame, or you have downloaded a malicious app which is either a trojan virus or malware virus and last but not least your phone has been locked by your carrier and you're trying to get it unlocked and if that's the case you're going to have to learn codex and script and rewrite it yourself in order to get it unlocked just as I did I hope we help


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