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    Like all Android devices, you will only get the best from your phone if you root it. Samsung Galaxy S4, currently one of the most powerful hand-held devices on the planet, is not exemption to this. Below are the steps on rooting a Samsung Galaxy S4 phone. Just follow the steps religiously and you should have your Samsung Galaxy S4 rooted.


    1.Make sure that your phone is recognizable by your computer.

    You may need to download the correct drivers on your PC for your Samsung Galaxy S4. Samsung Kies will automatically install the correct drivers for your phone.
    Download the files that we will be needing for rooting your Samsung Galaxy S4.

    2.Download CWM Recovery for Samsung Galaxy S4

    Download ODIN
    Download Super SU Zip Files
    Once downloading of the files are complete. You may now proceed to the next steps

    3.Turn off your Samsung Galaxy S4

    4.Press and hold together for 5 seconds the following button combination Volume Down, Center Home, and Power buttons.

    5.When phone shows a warning screen, release all buttons and press Volume Up.

    This should take you to ODIN Download mode.

    6.Connect your Samsung Galaxy S4 to your PC via USB cable.

    7.Unzip ODIN.

    Open the Unzipped folder and execute odin3 v1.85.exe

    8.You should see a yellow highlighted box.

    If you cannot see it, try to disconnect your phone and reconnect it again. If the problem persist, check if you have the latest driver for your phone. Samsung Kies should help you update them.

    9.Choose PDA and browser for the CWM Recovery file downloaded on Step 2-1.

    10.Click on Start and CWM flash recovery for your Samsung Galaxy S4 should commence.

    11.PASS! You should appear and we are successful with flashing.

    12.Your phone should automatically reboot.

    Once it has rebooted, copy the SuperSU file downloaded on Step 5 to an accessible location on your Samsung Galaxy S4.

    13.Once done, turn off your Samsung Galaxy S4.

    14.Press and hold together for 5 seconds the following button combination Volume Up, Center Home, and Power buttons

    15.Samsung logo should show.

    Once it does, let go of the Power Button but continue to hold the other two buttons until you are on CWM recovery mode.

    16.On CWM Recovery mode.

    Use Volume Down (or Volume Up) to navigate to CHOOSE ZIP FROM SD card.

    17.Press Power Button to confirm action.

    18.Using Volume Down (or Volume up) highlight "0/" directory.

    19.Press Power Button to choose directory.

    20.A dialog should show, choose YES.

    21.Press Power Button to confirm action.

    22. SU binaries and SuperSU app should start installing.

    Rooting will also commence.

    23.Once done, go back to main menu.

    24.Highlight "Reboot System now" by using Volume Down (or Volume up).

    25.Press Power Button to confirm action.

    26.Your Samsung Galaxy S4 should reboot and you should be able to see SuperSU app on your application drawer.

    27.Run SuperSU and update the binaries.


    You have just rooted your Samsung Galaxy S4.


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