art lg v410 with lineage nightly os 14.1 TWRP freezes and can't flash su update zip

  • The new os is amazing! Fantastic job by everyone. I'm a newb as this was my first flash but XDA put the instructions so simple a piece of fruit could do it. However, I have a small problem. When I boot to TWRP to flash the su zip file, TWRP freezes when I click install, or any button and I'm left staring at the screen and swearing something awful. Also, after the os install, upon reboot, a wide white line runs down the screen gets wider, then turns to a wide black line after the lg logo comes on. I've read and done my homework before trying this and my lg tablet wasn't being used anymore so decided I'd give it a shot. Its no longer an active sim if that matters any. Upgraded to android devices and love my Samsung stuff. Hate apples now but that's another story. I'd appreciate any help if possible. I've poured through forums for 3 days now and haven't found my issue and I can't swear anymore due to the swear jar able to finance a country now. Thanks in advance.


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