How to install SuperSU V2.78 on a Nexus 6P

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    How to install SuperSU V2.78 on a Nexus 6P

    1. Make sure that there is, at least, 80% of battery left on your smartphone before beginning this tutorial.
    2. Enable the Developer Option - Go to Settings >> Developer Option. If the Developer Option is not visible on your device, go to About phone, under the Settings, and scroll down to build a number, then tap build number up to 7 times to make the Developer Option visible.
    3. Take a full backup of your important data.
    4. A computer is needed for this tutorial as it will be done via fastboot command.

    Before we get started, please, make sure that your phone is unlocked and connected to a PC.
    You will need the following tools:
    ADB tool
    TWRP recovery
    NEXUS 6P


    1. Download the TWRP recovery (Download it here).
    2. Download SuperSU 2.78 (the zip file).
    3. Reboot your Nexus to bootloader.
    4. In prompt command, type in: fastboot flash recovery recovery.img.
    5. After flashing in the recovery.img, reboot to recovery mode.
    6. In TWRP, click “advanced”----“adb sideload”---- and swipe to proceed.
    7. Type in, from the prompt command: adb sideload
    8. Wait for the phone to reboot and VOILÀ! SuperSU will be right there on your screen.

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