Can I install SuperSU without TWRP? Such as installing by editing the SYSTEM IMG

  • I have a very badly OEMed phone (VIVO Y51A). It has no TWRP support, nor any other Third-Recovery, and the OEMed recovery can't install any other ZIP which doesn't come from the OEMer.

    Luckily I just got the IMG type of the ROM. I can edit the ROM (Only the system and the userdata can be edited through). Adding or deleting files are possible now.
    I directly insert the supersu.apk to the system (/system/app/SuperSU/SuperSU.apk). But after flashing the rom, it tells me "There is no SU binary installed, and SuperSU cannot install it".

    Android: 5.1.1
    Not sure it's arm or arm v7. I can install a JuiceSSH or other command-tool to check it out.(It may be just a cat /proc/cpuinfo)

    I searched and read. Someone says it's just the 'su' file. Copy it into /system/xbin/su and chmod 04755. Is that enough? I checked the update-binary in the 'Recovery' and find it's a so long story to checkout, and there are so many different files in the zip. I can't sure it is just 'su' or even more.

    How can I install SuperSU without TWRP?


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