SuperSU Auto Setup Tool For Nexus 6P & Samsung S7

  • Hi guys, over the past month I have been working on a tool for installing SuperSU. If you own a Nexus 6P or Samsung S7, check this out:


    SuperSU Auto Setup Tool Features:

    1. Well, it’s an auto-setup tool
    2. No need to worry about the binary issue
    3. Will not alter the system setup after installation and it supports OTA update

    Important Notice

    1. Please, make sure your phone is unlocked before using this tool
    2. Although the auto-setup tool will not clear data on your phone, please, perform a backup before using it
    3. This tool is for Nexus 6P and 6P ONLY.
    4. Install Google USB Driver and activate the USB debugging mode on your phone
    5. Connect the Nexus with PC
    6. Open SuperSU-Auto-Tool-Beta1.exe and follow the steps shown

    Note, Tips & Disclaimer:

    1. The tool is still in BETA stage. Although I have tried it and worked on my Nexus, it still requires testing & feedback. Thus, there WILL BE A RISK when using this tool.
    2. Please, make sure your phone has over 50% of battery and can properly be connected to PC.


  • This looks very useful, specially because SuperSU is not easy to install, honestly. Any plans to create a similar tool for other phone models? For Samsung J710F? :)

  • Team Nexus


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