Amlogic s912 TV Box (BeeLink GT1 etc.)

  • Most TV boxes come rooted. Mine did but I lost it when doing an OTA update.

    I have ADB root. I can mount and unmount and remount the system partition. I have tried to manually install the Su binary using ADB but the process was really complicated and I was not successful.

    My Android TV box doesn't have a bootloader mode so it is impossible to use fastboot. Using ADB I can bootloader into stock recovery but cannot bootloader into bootloader

    I could just DD TWRP recovery onto /DEV/recovery
    but I assume there is a better way to get the Su binary onto my device.

    Can't I use ADB to install the Su binary an easier way than manually pushing all those files and doing chmod etc??

    Can't I use the stock recovery to sideload the zip file? or even just sideload the zip without being in recovery mode? If I have ADB root, why do I need TWRP?

  • Samsung root

    @hoshi411 Hi hoshi411, I would personally recommend asking Chainfire, the creator of SuperSU, on . This website is for entry-level problems and, frankly, I really donno what to do when Android TV box lost root. Sry about this and all the best with XDA!

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