How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy Phone Without Losing Data

  • How can I do to unlock my Samsung Galaxy Note 5?
    I forget the lock screen PIN of my Samsung Galaxy S5, how to remove it?
    Is it possible to bypass Samsung S7 lock screen fingerprint?
    How to bypass lock screen password on my Samsung Galaxy J2?
    I forgot the lock screen pattern of my old Galaxy Tab 3, how can i do now?

    Looking for a simple yet effective way of how to unlock Samsung Galaxy phone without losing data or restoring to factory settings?

    Well, please don't worry, to remove lock screen on Samsung Galaxy phone, what you need is just SuperSU (which also well known as SuperSU), which can one click to bypass the lock screen Pattern/PIN/Passcode/Fingerprint on Samsung Galaxy phone with few simple steps:

    Step 1. Connect your Samsung phone
    Step 2. Enter into Download Mode on your phone
    Step 3. Download recovery package
    Step 4. Remove Samsung lock screen without losing data

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