Encrypted rooted android not starting after supersu update

  • Hello,

    I am posting on this thread as I didn't get any solution yet and stuck with brick phone.

    I have Zuk Z1 android 5.1.1 running cyanogen.
    It is encrypted and rooted.
    All was working fine. Problem started when I receive supersu update on play store.
    After updating supersu, it asks to update its binary. Installation went successful.
    After restarting phone, it get stuck in cyanogen splash screen. It didn't asks for password, no, nothing.
    Restarted phone in recovery mode, it has twrp There is no decrypt option.
    I cannot mount, it says system 0mb, data 0mb, usb otg 0mb.
    I tried attaching multiple usb otg to update twrp version, but can't get detected.
    I restarted mobile in bootloader, connected to pc to use adb / fastboot to send new twrp version but it says waiting for device
    Although I can see drivers loaded in device manager, but fastboot can't see phone.
    I want my mobile to get restarted. Or if it’s not possible, I want to recover my data. It’s important.
    I hope there some way. I know password. Please help me on this.
    Feel free to ask for more information, and hope to get solution to this situation.

    Thank you and regards.

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