Replacing of Kingo-Superuser with SuperSUme does not work

  • Hallo,

    I have successfully rooted my ZTE Blade L6 phone using Kingo Android Root V 1.4.9 .
    RootChecker sees “Superuser by Kingo – version and Superuser Binary Files being installed on my phone (see attached screenshot).

    I have tried to replace Kingo-Superuser using SuperSUme Pro, but it does not work.

    SuperSUme says that my device has been not rooted with KingRoot and requires re-rooting with this tool.

    Under “ ht..:// “ stays an instruction how it works by editing the system/xbin folder. But, however I have some questions regarding this instruction, as follows:

    1. Should I install the SuperSU and SuperSU Pro code from Chainfire on my device firstly ? RootExplorer is already installed.

    2. Reg. Step 2: Where can I find the Su which ought to be renamed to “.SU” ?

    I should be very obligated if anybody could answer my questions.

    Regards - robur


  • Manager

    Sry I am a little confused, is it correct that when you use KINGO and SuperSUme says your device has not been rooted with KINGROOT? I heard the two were under one management but wow, they really are close.

  • @Ives

    Thank's for your answer.
    Yes, SuperSUme says that my device has not been rooted with KingoRoot (see attached screenshots).
    It's fully in conflict with RootChecker which recognises explicit Kingo-SuperSU on my device.


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  • This post is deleted!

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