Help me root my phone samusung s6 please help

  • Please help mensure root my phone because I m failing to do so

  • @rufaro234
    I rooted my s6, youll need some patients, and persistence. What i had to do was first unlock developers menu, unless ypu are using a desktop, or laptop you wont need to change any of the settings, as yhe settings being changed are usb debugging, and allow mock locations..
    So i install free busybox, &supersu-me pro, now is where the patients come into play, i used iroot premium to get partially rooted, and to get the root to stay i used kingroot premium, packaged with purify premium....... I ended up running the 2 rooting apps roughly 4-5 times, 1 after another, so id root with iroot, then before restarting run kingroot, then restart my device.....
    Im not sure about posting links to these apps, as they all have a "free" option, but i aquired them through other means so rather than post them, if your having problems finding the apps send me pm, and i can try to walk you through the steps......
    Hope this info helps you get your s6 rooted, as ive not seen many successful s6 owners manage to get it done.......

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