A root tool I designed...hopefully I can post it here

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    So I designed a one-click root tool for Nexus 6P, it's still in testing but I hope this can help anyone who need it. It's a little bit big and I am having trouble uploaded to this forum (still working on it :( Before that's done, do people think this will be helpful? Or is there a specific model that you wish to be one-click rooted?

    Oh I forgot to introduce this software (silly me). I have noticed that a lot of posts is about "how to root" or "binary update" SuperSU. Basically it's too difficult to use. So I designed this with the mindset of those commercialized one-click root. Basically one click and everything is done. The software for rooting is SuperSU, I wrote some code so that with a PC, you can one click root your Nexus 6P

    I will be grateful for anyone to try out this, but ONLY IF you own the 6P or it will break your phone. And please understand that this is only in beta, so try with caution

    update: I made a success of uploading a SuperSU-sized file to the forum! Hopefully I can do more in future

    Update: Success!
    0_1479440024820_Google Nexus One Click Root-en.exe It's up now, with love

  • Hi @Arch_Angel102 , this tool sounds like magic! I've always had problems rooting all my phones and it's the first time I read that there are one-click rooting tools. However, I would feel a little insecure trying this. Is there any risk? Assuming that I try it for a Nexus 6P, as you said this tool it's just designed for that model. Also, the success rate is 100%?
    Anyway, thanks for sharing it! Nice job! :)

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