SuperSU latest + twrp fail

  • I can't seem to install SuperSU with TWRP on Android 6.0.

    I was trying to get Android Pay to work, and installed Magisk after I had been running SuperSU for a while.
    This caused the SuperSU binary to prompt for an update and then fail.

    Unfortunately I can no longer run SuperSU or install it properly - TWRP was re-installed, but can't seem to Install via TWRP or SideLoad the SuperSU root.

    The files seem to be installed properly in /system/xbin but the device itself isn't rooted.


  • Manager

    Which version of Magisk do you use? Magisk 7.0 (I think) was not compatible with SuperSU, as it has phh superuser included and disabled SuperSU. I would recommand looking for the Magisk version that is compatible with SuperSU. In addition, SUhide can also make Android Pay work, you can try that out

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