Rooting Without Computer Discussion Thread

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    From what I observed, a lot of us need to root our phone without a computer. Right now SuperSU account has only given out rooting guide with TWRP and PC, is there a way to do it without them? I create this thread for solving this issue. If anyone has any good idea, please do share!

  • Samsung root I am curious too haha. I do know SuperSUME could help, but is it the only way?

  • Team Nexus

    I only konw TWRP, I wonder why they have it on Google Play

  • @RealHanif TWRP Manager on Play store is mainly for updating already installed twrp which can be a handy tool however, there are other apps that do the same like flashify and rashr etc... FlashFire has worked the best for my device so the right app for the job is essential. Unfortunately, many (if not most) devices are needing the combination of PC/device in order to properly root. Kingo can root many without PC but the list it works on is growing older as new tech has slowed up the ability to mod.

    Best advice I can give is to go to where u can find threads for just about any device for specific guidelines how to root them. Trust me ALL devices are different, head and respect the warnings given as I have bricked a few over the last 2 yrs.

  • Team Nexus

    @mrader11 Haha thx buddy for the advise, and I know exactly how bad it feels to brick the phone haha. been there, done that lol

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