Help restoring firmware (will pay)

  • Hey guys. So something really weird happened yesterday thats driving me off the walls. I used android data recovery to recover some data, and it seemed to have "flashed" my Galaxy s7, and now it has a "custom" build to it and I'm getting the "unauthorized actions" message, the knox is giving me a security warning, etc. I don't want this, I don't want to root my phone. I just want to factory firmware.

    I've tried smart switch, kies and Odin to put it back to the original firmware, but nothing seems to be working. Odin fails no matter what I do, and Smart Switch/Kies says it doesn't recognize my device as soon as it starts installing the firmware. It's like some virus is preventing all attempts at restoring the original firmware.

    I'm willing to pay a $20 fee via paypal to anyone that can Skype chat me and help me get this to work. My Skype is Adamftw2


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