Samsung Strikes Back With A Redesigned Smart Switch

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    Remember Apple’s attempt to turns smartphone users to the iOS side? Samsung does, too. Maybe that’s why it has redesigned its Smart Switch website, trying to make the transition to their devices as simple as possible. #mobilemagic

    The South Korean manufacturer is not afraid to use a rival’s weapons to win the “war”. Samsung just redesigned the website to their Smart Switch feature, the one that lets you cross your data from an old phone to a Samsung one. Unlike other platforms, theirs is compatible with more than just iOS.

    You can use the transfer app for any Android, iOS, Windows Mobile as well BlackBerry device. Once you do, you can select the files (photos, videos, contacts) and settings you want to preserve from the old phone onto your new one.

    “Your carefully curated road trip playlist will make the journey, as will your meticulously planned calendar, work contacts, text messages, go-to apps and even those cherished holiday photos with your family. Key moments in your life will be preserved and transferred with ease […]”, explains Samsung.

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    Besides the adaptability of the system to any other operating system, you profit from an easy, seamless transfer. This can be done either wirelessly over the app, through a USB cable or from the desktop software. The software option allows backup using a personal computer.

    The feature works with the Galaxy S2 and newer devices – including tablets – running Android OS 4.0 and above.

    By Mara P.

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