Xperia z1 Bootloop AGAIN! - What can i do?

  • Hey, I have again a problem, but hope that one can solve it easier.

    A few months ago I had updated super su. Then there was a boatloop. End of the song: I had to make everything new. All data way.

    Now I have today 08.07.2017 01:09 clock in half sleep the Binarys updated and again a bootloop. I puke so off. This shit pukes me right. On 180 and must get up in couple of hours. Great.

    Now is not even the alarm clock of the stupid cell phone. My question is now: Can you repair it somehow? At that time, SuperSu had answered something with a new boot.img flash.

    Can someone give me some advice please?
    Ins recovery (twrp) I'm not synonymous.
    Xperia z1

  • No one has any idea? if no one want help me i have to flash stock and flash again rootet 5.1.1 and loose all my data :(

    Dear, we apologize for the problems you encountered. You should Re-flash the current version of the official boot.img to fix this problem. If you have other questions, please, contact us on Facebook: Thank you! The SuperSU Team

    How i can flash the current boot.img without access to recovery?!


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