Lg3 escape k373 android version 6.0 root

  • Used to think I was decent when it came to electronics... However, nah... Haven't even passed the glorious stages of finger painting in pre-k yet... :( this phone has kicked my e-booty! I am pretty much FUBAR'd anyways considering we live way deep in BFE so no cable or internet plans to let me look at the telly for anything more than etchy digital actors who all seem to suffer from serious cases of turrets and not one tv that does anymore with the usb other than service porting. Obviously, I am unable to use the hotspot and my phone is my only resource to the outside world for days on end. Even more misery, try sharing this lifeline with the love of your life who thinks he can dig in with no tech savvy... AT... ALL... Yet magically thinks he can fix all my probs by choosing the right button to push... (Grrrowwwwl ;) thus, not only depleting my battery and heating things up but also causing ghost issues that might not otherwise have been there... Ugh... Sorry for the lengthy post but i wanted to give
    any thoughts on resources i might not know of or overlooked in my UBER frustration... Plus, ive tried posting my issue several times as well but with my lovely data's habit of hide n seek I have given up over and again... Alas, I cannot give up this time because things are SO MUCH WORSE... It seems my phone has now developed a nasty lil bug that has decided to hijack me danged phone and flashlight apps by stating: "flashlight unavailable while in camera or apps using flash" or "unfortunately camera has stopped." I see no app with any permissions nor anything else camera related to suspect them of kidnapping my sanity, I mean camera... Spy app? Idk... All's i know is, I've tried to root, cant find it for my phone. Idk how to flash, and i just am at my wits danged end! Any suggestions would be ever so greatly appreciated! Just please bare with me; I am apparently very dim in the directions i feel i will need to apply... :{ thanx so much in advance!

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    @betterscotch Lol I only realized you wanna root at the very end of the paragraph haha. LG, unlike Samsung, is not easy to root. The toughest part is actually unlock its bootloader. Yet that part, I can offer little than the official LG site. There are guides on LG unlocks on it.

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    You can also check the XDA-developers.com, it has tons of LG stuff too

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