[Need Root] HUAWEI MediaPad M3 Lite 10 LTE BAH-L09

  • Hossa,

    Well, I have the MediaPad M3 Lite 10 from Huawei and trying, since several weeks, to extract the stock recovery to compile it.

    Therefore the 1st step is: a root-solution to even get access...

    I've literally tried each and every rooting App/.exe, com-prompts and several dozen of flash-boxes Like Miracle-Box, Volcano, UMT, CM2, Piranha, GSM Aladdin, NCK and so on and on and on......Non of them were able to root nor to Backup/dump the Tablet ROM from where I could extract the Recovery.
    Never've had such a stubborn device in my rooting carrer for years. 🙄

    So, if someone has an advise or even the solution, I'd appreciate so hard! 😬

    Best regards,


    Some Boring infos about the device:

    Product serial: XMRNU17428000461
    ID: 36942384
    Build: BAH-L09C1008018
    BasebandVers.: 00017
    Kernel: 3.18.31-gd968102 Jenkins@siajk043cna #2
    Fri Apr 7 03:13:46 CST 2017
    Board: qc_reference_phone
    CPU ABI:arm64-v8a

    BTW_Bootloader is unlocked.


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