[Need Root] HUAWEI MediaPad M3 Lite 10 LTE BAH-L09

  • Hossa,

    Well, I have the MediaPad M3 Lite 10 from Huawei and trying, since several weeks, to extract the stock recovery to compile it.

    Therefore the 1st step is: a root-solution to even get access...

    I've literally tried each and every rooting App/.exe, com-prompts and several dozen of flash-boxes Like Miracle-Box, Volcano, UMT, CM2, Piranha, GSM Aladdin, NCK and so on and on and on......Non of them were able to root nor to Backup/dump the Tablet ROM from where I could extract the Recovery.
    Never've had such a stubborn device in my rooting carrer for years. 🙄

    So, if someone has an advise or even the solution, I'd appreciate so hard! 😬

    Best regards,


    Some Boring infos about the device:

    Product serial: XMRNU17428000461
    ID: 36942384
    Build: BAH-L09C1008018
    BasebandVers.: 00017
    Kernel: 3.18.31-gd968102 Jenkins@siajk043cna #2
    Fri Apr 7 03:13:46 CST 2017
    Board: qc_reference_phone
    CPU ABI:arm64-v8a

    BTW_Bootloader is unlocked.

  • @essayn
    Did you manage to get your device rooted in the meantime? I'm facing the same issue here...

  • Samsung root

    @essayn Extracting stock recovery....well I am sorry, but root usually requires a switch from stock to custom recovery. So I doubt rooting your phone can actually help.

    Are you trying to extract certain files from it? If not, there should be places to download stock recovery from your device's offical website I suppose

  • @essayn Firmware Finder apk. Settings > delete HWFF folder > exit. Dont setup proxy or touch anything else in settings. Back button then enter model number. If more than one result choose largest one and tick download only, nothing else. You will see one to three files, all you want is Update.zip. Open zip and move UPDATE.APP to a safe place. HuaweiUpdate.App.Extractor by Worstenbrood from XDA Developers. Done in 20 mins start to finish. Make sure delete HWFF file in app settings or Huawei will steal it and put in root dir. where it will do you no good. Just realized you asked a month ago. If you havent got it yet hope this helps.


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