Trying to unroot LG VS880....

  • Got an LG VS880 when they first came out at Verizon. Rooted it shortly thereafter. Downloaded a file and it was a one-click root. Added SuperSU Pro. Unfortunately, I do not remember where I got the file or anything else about it. Everything has been fine til now. Started having Bluetooth issues. Wanted to unroot the phone and load the latest update from Verizon to see if it would help.

    I tried using SuperSu to unroot. It just ran and ran and ran but never finished or rebooted or anything. Next I manually removed the bin and apk. Rebooted and uninstalled SuperSU. Rebooted and tried to update OTA but got an error. Tried to reinstall SuperSU but when I run SU, it tells me the bin is occupied.

    How can I either get SuperSU working again, or get the phone back to its original firmware?

    Thanks much for any assistance.


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