Devs or experienced users please help.

  • I had my phone rooted - Asus Zenphone 5 T00J - firmware - WW. After root phone wont connect to pc ( its a problem with phone). Not a long time ago i accidentaly removed root through #SU now i wanted to move new firmware to device\root but acess is denied , it needs to be rooted, any way to recover root or root it again without using pc? Please help me

    Normal system update always fails. Im able to add error code, and specific info, just ask.

  • Samsung root

    Did the PC connection issue happened immediately after root? Or took place after you removed root?

  • It didnt happened immidiaetly, like 2weeks or a week after root.

  • @Akkash1105 Didnt happened immidiaetly week or 2 after root

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