HUAWEI P7 SuperSU Installation Tutorial

  • HUAWEI P7 SuperSU Installation Tutorial

    tip: before the installation, make sure that your phone is unlocked and open the USB debugging to connect it to your computer. Because of the particularities of Huawei devices, we install it in recovery mode.

    Tools: CWM/TWRP recovery, supersu.2.58. Zip (we recommend the 2.58 but experts can try the 2.76 version), USB data cable, Huawei phone and a computer.

    1. Download recovery CWM/TWRP in your computer and click Install recovery.


    1. Copy the to your phone.

    1. Restart the recovery mode and select installation.
      alt text

    1. Wait for the phone to restart after the installation ends.

    1. Enter the system to check whether SuperSU can be authorized.

    -0_1472096606734_1.jpg <-

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