HUAWEI Mobile Phone Unlock tutorial

  • HUAWEI Mobile Phone Unlock tutorial

    Due to the limitations of the HUAWEI mobile phone needs to be carried out before the bootloader unlock to brush

    1. apply for HUAWEI account, and landed on the phone for 14 days
    2. the application for the unlock code, HUAWEI models unlock code application addresslink
    3. After entering the site, tick the box, click next, and then select the model.

    Official release note

    Product S/N number inquiry: in the phone's dial interface input ##2846579##, enter the ProjectMenu - a single board basic information query - other inquiries, you can see the S/N number
    IMEI/MEID: in the phone's dial interface to enter the #06# can be displayed on the IMEI number (if it is a dual sim phone, please enter the main IMEI/MEID number)
    Product identification code: in the phone's dial interface input ##1357946#
    #*, you can see the 8 digit identification code

    All input is completed, fill in the verification code, click Submit. Unlock code will be displayed below.

    how to unlock

    (1) we must first install the driver and the ADB tool, Download remember phone to open the ADB debugging, the method is to enter the setting - on the phone, and continuous click the version number, click five times will enter the developer mode, return you will find developers option, to enable USB debugging mode.

    (2) click on the WIN plus R key, enter the CMD in the input box, enter, you can enter the DOS interface, enter the devices ADB in the command window, enter.

    (3) continue to enter the reboot-bootloader ADB, this is the phone will restart to the white background of the interface, this is the FastBoot model.

    (4) enter FastBoot devices and enter FastBoot OEM unlock ************** *, for just begin acquiring 16 for the unlock code, after the completion of the input, enter. Mobile phone will restart, re enter the FastBoot mode, which is the success of the phone to unlock.

    (5) if you want to see if the phone has been successfully unlocked, you can enter the OEM get-bootinfo FastBoot, enter, you will see the following results, if unlocked, then unlock the success.

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