Help to root Huawei TRT-AL00A (China version)

  • Hi,

    I'm buying a Huawei phone TRT-AL00A at China before return to Malaysia. Unfortunately, I just realized that this device does not support Google Apps. I have managed to unlock the bootloader by obtaining the password from Huawei website.

    I have download a stock from GApps websites. But, I am failed to find any suitable recovery image (TWRP) to flash I've tried to flash the zip using TWRP manager which is installed to my android 7.0. Also failed, Its require a root access to run. I've installed Kingoroot and OneClickRoot to my PC and device to perform root and the root failed.

    I'm trying to sending this message here and hopefully someone can help me to install the Google Apps. I need Google apps for my current daily job.

  • Hello,
    Same issues, same smartphone. I've got the unlock code for the bootloader from both huawei customer service and by using their webpage. For 2 months now and I've not been able to root the phone neither install play store. Is this even possible?

    Have you succeeded?

    Thank you!

  • Sorry for using gest account, hopefully now it works!

    Please anyone help!

    I just want play store to work, is it asking too much?


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