How to root series: Samsung GT-i9100 (credit to Shindatuin)

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    Hey guys it's been a while since I launched the How to Root series. Today I present to you: Samsung GT-i9100!!

    This guide is from Shindatuin from XDA, I will also post his original link below. If this is helpful to you, do give the auther a thanks!

    1. Save file to external sd card
    2. Shut down
    3. Open stock recovery (press power + vol up + home button)
    4. Install zip from external sd card
    5. Select the file "
      Wait and reboot

    In the original post the zip pack was 0.97. But that was long time ago. I would personally recommand v2.5+ or v2.6+

    Original link

    Namaste :)

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