How to root series: Samsung S7 Edge G-935F

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    Hey guys, this is a guide for the pennical of Samsung, before & after Note 7 (haha if you know what I mean).

    The Edge phones are some sort of specialty for Samsung. It looks great (amazing actually), but I found it not very convenient. Btw, I have butter fingers and Edge is very fragile. So.... well, let's start the guide!

    What you need for this guide is TWRP 3.0.0 and SuperSU v2.68. The rest, it's pretty much the same as all of my other Samsung guide.

    Please backup your files before rooting, it's always a must.
    ->0_1479463205939_11-18-2.png <-
    Download & install bootloader

    1. Download Samsung Odin and SuperSU v2.68
    2. Turn on and enter “developer mode”, and turn on “USB debugging mode” & “OEM unlock mode”.
    3. Install Samsung bootloader: Install Kies on PC & restart your computer, then connect your phone with PC. It will automatically run the software.

    Install TWRP Recovery
    On PC, run as administer and install TWRP. The TWRP used here is 3.0.0

    ->0_1479458481934_444.png <-

    1. Now turn on your Samsung S7 edge
    2. Press & hold “Power + Volume + Home” together until screen turns off & enters to a blue screen with “warning”

    ->0_1479464564923_111.png <-

    1. Now, press volume up to continue, it will show that a file is downloading to your cellphone.


    1. Connect your phone to PC via USB cable

    2. If successful, a notification box will show that COM is properly booted. If not, please check your phone is correctly connected.

    ->0_1479464612750_333.png <-

    1. On PC side, click Start on Odin

    2. After a few seconds, a green “PASS” will appear on your computer screen

    ->0_1479464631965_444.png <-

    1. Now exit Odin, unplug your cellphone and start your cellphone

    Install SuperSU

    1. Turn off your device
    2. Press “Power+Volume+Home” button together, until your phone is booted into recovery mode (You should see a recovery logo)
    3. Optional: to make your future experience better, tick on “Never show this screen during boot again”

    ->0_1479464647243_555.png <-

    1. Slide the bar in the bottom of the screen to allow changes
    2. Now click install &view file, or if you can locate your file. Simply click on it will do
    3. Now wait and see if it is successfully flashed, a success note will pop out if it does
    4. Now reboot your device, and your S7 edge is ready to roll

  • @Akkash1105

    Hello, my phone is a s7 edge sm935f from att Mexico with the latest firmware.

    Ive tried rooting whit CF AUTO ROOT.
    Odin pass with no problem but it gets stuck on Samsung logo with the "Recovery is not seandroid Enforcing" message on top!

    I solved the problem installing the last version of TWRP, and tried rooting this way. I've followed al l single steps in the instructions post.

    I have seen many videos, and did all the steps, all.

    I've done it many times, the process always ends without errors, but when the phone boots, don't have supersu and no root.

    Any idea?

    Thank you.

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    @rafacore Hi bro I m sorry I missed your message, and to make it worse I personally can't figure out what went wrong... However, there are similar reports on XDA so I would assume it's more of a bug than installation error. I hope Chainfire's new versions, the 2.79 SR2, will fix it

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