Supersu apk what's the use

  • Hi guys,

    I have been bothered by that question in a while, so much I decided to register to ask it on the forum.
    There are 2 ways to install supersu, the recovery way I used and which is working fine for me and the apk way.

    What I don't get is you say
    APK installation
    For rooted devices

    If your device is already rooted, why install supersu? because most of people install supersu in order to get root in the first place.
    And how has your device been rooted?
    The only way I know about is using supersu...
    Apart from stuff like kingroot which exploit some kind of vulnerability and don't work with all phones brands and model.

    The guy from howtogeek says, better than me of course :) the same thing:
    SuperSU is available in the Google Play Store, but that version doesn’t actually give you root access–in fact, you need root access to use it in the first place! Talk about a Catch-22.

    Please enlight me :)

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    I fully understand your concern & confusion. In fact, a lot of people have the similar question too:

    The SuperSU apk @ Google Play store is mainly used for UPDATE PURPOSE. Before the apk was available, people have to constantly log on to XDA for update or, much more likely, forgot to update. This has created a lot to problems when users update their Android system but didn't upate their SU, making them uncompatible.

    As for why we post on GP as "For rooted device", I would admit that part of the reason is to follow Google's regulation about rootwares on Google Play. Although not illegal, root-wares are not something Google will promote wholeheartedly on GP (especially now).

    In addition, we care about our users and we don't want people who have zero knowledge about root to "randomly landed on our app page and rooted their phones", while not fully understand the possible consequences & responsibility of root.

    In another word, we hope people to know what they are doing before they root their phone with SuperSU.

    I hope this can explain some of your confusions, and thank you for asking it out!

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    @Cal-SuperSU Appreciate an answer like this

  • @Cal-SuperSU
    Thank you for your answer.
    Both clear and convincing :)

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