How to root series: Galaxy S5

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    It's essentially the same way rooting other Samsung phones: Odin, SuperSU, TWRP.

    The SuperSU version I will be using is 2.65

    Please backup your files before rooting, it's always a must.
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    Download & install bootloader

    1. Download Samsung Odin and SuperSU v2.65 (actually later version may also work)
    2. Turn on and enter “developer mode”, and turn on “USB debugging mode” & “OEM unlock mode”.
    3. Install Samsung bootloader: Install Kies on PC & restart your computer, then connect your phone with PC. It will automatically run the software.

    Install TWRP Recovery
    On PC, run as administer and install TWRP

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    1. Now turn on your Samsung S5
    2. Press & hold “Power + Volume + Home” together until screen turns off & enters to a blue screen with “warning”

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    1. Now, press volume up to continue, it will show that a file is downloading to your cellphone.


    1. Connect your phone to PC via USB cable

    2. If successful, a notification box will show that COM is properly booted. If not, please check your phone is correctly connected.

    ->0_1479464612750_333.png <-

    1. On PC side, click Start on Odin

    2. After a few seconds, a green “PASS” will appear on your computer screen

    ->0_1479464631965_444.png <-

    1. Now exit Odin, unplug your cellphone and start your cellphone

    Install SuperSU

    1. Turn off your device
    2. Press “Power+Volume+Home” button together, until your phone is booted into recovery mode (You should see a recovery logo)
    3. Optional: to make your future experience better, tick on “Never show this screen during boot again”

    ->0_1479464647243_555.png <-

    1. Slide the bar in the bottom of the screen to allow changes
    2. Now click install &view file, or if you can locate your file. Simply click on it will do
    3. Now wait and see if it is successfully flashed, a success note will pop out if it does
    4. Now reboot your device, and your S5 is ready to roll

  • Samsung root

    a root s5

  • Samsung root

    @nure said in How to root series: Galaxy S5:

    a root s5


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