Nexus 7 Root

  • Team Nexus

    Nexus 7 is a phone that's released earlier than Nexus 6p, don't get fooled by those numbers guys.

    Step 1: Get your phone prepared with bootloader, SuperSU (2.65 or earlier), and TWRP

    Step 2: On computer, do the command that get you flashed into the adb bootloader (this is after turning on the USB debug mode and unlock your phone)

    Step 3: On phone, enter recovery mode (volume down + start)

    Step 4: Flash TWRP into your phone

    Step 5: Enter TWRP and install SuperSU

    There is also a varience of models: N900A and N9005, both can use this guide

    If needed, I will expand this guide for better explaination

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