Plz help "How would you like to install the binary".

  • Hi,

    I opened SuperSU on my Samsung galaxy S4 I9505 after a long time and it said:

    "If you have a custom recovery like TWRP or CWM, that can be used to (try to) install the SU binary. This is recommended for HTC devices. How would you like to install the SU binary?"

    Out of the options, Normal and TWRP/CWM, I clicked TWRP/CWM as when I rooted my phone a long time ago, I used Odin to flash CWM.

    It restarted and now after the samsung logo, it gets stuck and it says "unfortunately app/service has stopped" and I cannot do anything else, it loops through all the apps/services and says they have stopped.

    I don't have a recent backup of my phone so I am really stuck and lost as to what to do. I have managed to flash again the same CWM recovery I used the last time, can I use CWM to create a system backup? And how can I fix this issue plz.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. As mentioned, I don't have a recent backup of my phone so would be extremely grateful if I could somehow resolve this.



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