What you can do after root (for rooted users)

  • Samsung root

    Congradulations, you have pass the root test. You are now one of us, the true masters of Android.

    Yet the path of root is only a mean to an end, or more precisely, the end of a new beginning. What you choose to do with this new power you now hold, will play an important role in the fate of you and your device.

    • The path of Guardian:

      With root, you are now capable of protecting your device with the highest level of access. You can now enable many powerful tools for your phone. Titanium backup, Magisk, Xposed, you name it. The path of Guardian will enable you to be the protector of your device, with glory and honor.

    • The path of Hacker:

      Knowing that the mobile world has fallen beyond point of no return, you have decided to exploit and to speed up its corruption. The path of Hacker allows you to fulfill your darkest desires with this new power you have, root. Now, as the absolute ruler of your device, you can now use game cheat wares and data changers to manipulate your device.

    The two paths lies before you, the young master of SuperSU. Each leads to a fate unknown. Choose carefully, may the root be with you.

  • Thanks man, this is some very cool software you guys made. I don't know if it just me, but the text you wrote is very very luring me to go to the path of hackers....

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