New Samsung ad tells iPhone owners it's time to "Grow up"

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    Samsung’s marketing department is always on point. Say what you will about their phones, but Samsung knows how to put out a great commercial. They’re especially good when it comes to jabbing the competition. Right now, that competition is the iPhone X, the darling child of the tech world.

    The new ad is the story of an iPhone user who makes the switch to the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. It follows the guy as he buys the very first iPhone and waits in line each year for the new model. Along the way, he notices annoyances with the iPhone and his friends’ Galaxy devices. Finally, he decides to ditch the iPhone and go with the Note 8.

    This is a pretty successful ad. Samsung knows that they already have a large portion of the Android crowd. Their next target is longtime iPhone users. It will be very hard to get those people to switch, but an ad like this could speak to people who have have the same feelings as the main character. What do you think of this ad?

    Oh, and this guy was in the ad. Bravo, Samsung.

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