thanx a lot ..want root my tablet huawei mediapad 10 link

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    Difficulty in Rooting samsung note 3
    3 days ago • slim
    S 3 days ago
    root my ssmsung note 3 please....anyone can do this for me?i have tried every means but its not rooting...
    With pc or no pc...all i want is root
    Cant root my lgl62vl running 5.1.1
    4 days ago • ttop1998
    T 4 days ago
    help you can anyone luck no still and try could i that posdible way every Tried62l62vll premier lg my rooting on work to seems Nothing

    how to root fujitsu arrows nx f-01f ?
    T 4 days ago
    @Akkash1105 Fujitsu? Well that's a very rare phone in the root world. You can try the general version of TWRP and SuperSU 2.76 to root
    I need a well thought answer on this o info on this one
    7 days ago • Frank_shakeel
    F 7 days ago
    I need a well thought through answer on this one;well I got an Android 6.1 phone and this system ain't working, anyone with a way forward to go about it please?
    Cant Root Samsung LG Tribute Hd
    8 days ago • isaiahtrustnun
    I 8 days ago
    I cant root my samsung lg tribute and im mad about it so bad and its kinda boring now
    Lol boreddddddddddddddd

    Help me root OPPO a57, I have already download SuperSu zip.
    9 days ago • 邱立璟
    9 days ago
    Help me root OPPO a57, I have already download SuperSu zip,plz teach me what to do the next🙏🙏
    I need root my phone A880 lenovo
    9 days ago • radet
    R 9 days ago
    Dear all .
    I was get second phone. the android only 4.2.2, i wan upgrade to nouqat 6.0. so please help me. fix this problem

    10 days ago • 林翰萌
    H 10 days ago
    @林翰萌 said in 到底到底如何root手機我想要用貓密大戰爭,真的拜託希望有誰能跟我講一下:
    list item
    Samsung J3 Emerge HELP ME NOW I can't get by myself
    15 days ago • cg27
    11 days ago
    @cg27 said in Samsung J3 Emerge HELP ME NOW I can't get by myself:
    1 2 3 4 5 42 43
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    want root my ta android 4.1.2 thanks too

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