What does su "post-install maintenance" do?

  • Hello there,
    For a while, I've been maintaning my own small modified version of the installation script found in the UPDATE-SuperSU-vX.Y.zip file that I use to root dumped system images of Mediatek-based phones and tablets.
    I run my modified script on a Linux box over a mounted system image. then reflash the modified image. Nice and clean way of rooting devices for which no TWRP is available. I'm aware that this won't work for versions of Android that require systemless root (6.0+ if I'm not misled).
    Anyway, I'm trying to update my script to v2.46 that AFAIK is required for Android 5.1 (API level 22) from a much older version I was using.
    At the bottom of the script I see:
    /system/xbin/su --install
    that obviously can't be run on a Linux desktop.
    So my question is: what does this --install option do, exactly? so that I can add it to my modified script.
    Thanks in advance for any help, couldn't find a description of what this option does anywhere.


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