Samsung Tab 3 SM-T116 to be rooted

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    Hi I am having this tab, which is quite working alright, except for some Anroid 4.4 issues. So my goal is to install Lineage Nougat on it, which involves installing some custom recovery on it. This task turned out surprisingly complicated, since none of the elsewhere described methods worked.

    So I thought I give it a try with TWRP in App form, which requires rooting (which I think is helpful anyways) and came upon SuperSU. So if anyone hase some insight into this please speak up.

    I have a working Odin setup (which I used successfully to get the tab out of numerous boot loops and -hangs) and I have fastboot and adp on Linux as well. I tried a few rooting methods, non of them with success.

    recovery mode is somewhat strange, the recovery screen arrives when pushing the keys after the key combo, but the tab reboots as soon as I release the power button. That is one symptom that puzzles me.

    I'm not scared to install android studio and compile some stuff if necessary. I would need some advice in that case, since I did not use it for anything serious.

    Any help is greatly apreciated.

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