Huawei P9 Lite (VNS-L31 C432 B336)

  • Hi! Till now, it's not working on Huawei P9 Lite (VNS-L31 C432 B336) device. Could you please support it? Many thanks! Greetings, 7777777

  • Team Nexus

    P9 is a very very new model, and SuperSU seems to have neglected Huawei for quite a while....sigh. Are you using EMUI 5.0? If so it may take a while

  • Yes, I am using EMUI5.0!
    I have some questions...
    1.) Why did you say, that it will take a longer time then?
    2.) Why it was working on Marshmallow and after updating to Nougat not?
    3.) Can you tell me, what apps like super su are doing to make root possible?
    4.) Did you know why it is so hard for everyone to become it working on this device?
    5.) If I install Phh's SuperSu, I get root access on some apps. But it seems not to be a real root, because most apps did have problems and shows me, that its not rooted. Can you tell me the reason for it? And can you tell me the difference between Phh's SuperSU and Chainfire Super SU? I mean, what they are doing / trying to get root.

    If someone can tell me, what the problem is to become it working, I will try to learn all these things that are needed to be able to fix problems like this. Would be really nice, if I could help on problems like this in far future.

    Greetings, 7777777

  • Team Nexus

    @7777777 woah that's quite a list of questions lol.

    No offence but I assume you are using translating software to type out your questions as some of the English doesn't make much sence, I will do my best to interpret them and please tell me if I misunderstood you.

    1. I acknowledge I made some assumptions & predictions when I first answered you. If you look at Chainfire (the original creator and still the contributor of SuperSU) website, his CF-autoroot data base does not have Huawei (except Nexus 6P, which is made by Huawei). So, I hate to say it, but I really doubt he pays muuch attention to Huawei. In addition, similar questions have been raised on XDA, where Chainfire checks regularly. He acknowledged the issue but didn't give any specific time when he will fix it. Could be today, could be never, we don't know.

    2. This is mainly due to How Nougat works differently than M. I won't bore you with the tech stuff, so to sum up in one sentence: Android N has specificly tightened the ability to root and disabled features that root users can access (e.g. Android pay). This is the very reason why CF developed SUhide.

    3. At this point, almost none. But I am sure companies like Kingroot is working their ass off to make it happen.

    4. After chilling out so long on this forum, all I can tell you is that the reason can be more diversed than you think.

    5. Phh Superuser is a relatively new guy in town. It's been around for a year and half after CF decided to sell SuperSU. I can't really speak for them but I am sure that Chainfire definitely has some special technique that Phh lacks.

    I hope this can help you a bit.

  • Ok, I think I can't learn :-(
    Thank you very much for these informations!

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