Google+ brings back Events, adds ‘low-quality’ comments filter in new update

  • by John Callaham


    Are you still using Google+? If you are, we’ve got some good news. Google has just announced a number of new updates to its social network, which will be rolled out over the next few weeks. One of the biggest new additions will automatically hide what Google calls “low quality” comments from the feeds of its users.


    In a blog post, Google shows that its definition of “low quality” comments include poorly spelled words or badly used phrases. If you really want to see all of the comments in a Google+ post, you can choose to click on the “Show all comments” selection in the menu.

    Google also revealed it will be making changes in how images are displayed in Google+. The goal is to show as little white space as possible, based on a user’s screen size. Also, if you access Google+ on the web, you will be able to zoom in on images as part of the latest update. Speaking of Google+ on the web, if you are still using the “classic” UI, that will soon disappear. Google will officially migrate all users to the new Google+ web interface on Tuesday, January 24.

    Finally, an old favorite is making its return to Google+. Back by popular demand, users will once again be able to join and create Events! You’ll be able to do so on January 24, via the Google+ web interface, although it will not be available for G Suite users for the time being.

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