How do I root Samsung J3 (2016) after getting Nougat 7.1.1?

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    Hi guys, My Samsung J3 (2016) no longer is rooted after taking the Nougat update by using Smart Switch (Knox flagged 0x1). I have downloaded SuperSU from Google Play and rooted the device before updating my OS (previously on Android 6.0.1, Stock FW, 2nd patch) but when I click it after the update, it says root undetected, using root checker basic says I don't have root and none of my user apps were changed or deleted. My model number is SM-J320W8 on Nougat, can you help me? I rooted the device (Knox flagged 0x1) using Odin by a YouTube tutorial. I tried all the APK based one-click-root apps and they never worked even on my old OS! I think using Odin is the only way to root the device, can I root the device without installing TWRP or use CF Auto Root from Thank you.

    I have GameGuardian, BusyBox Free, Root Explorer, SuperSU, Root Checker Basic, Xmodgames, Lucky Patcher and Titanium Backup as root tool apps on my device.

    Device info:

    Software info:

    Android version: 7.1.1

    Baseband version: J320W8VLU2BQK1

    Kernel version: 3.10.9-12396590

    Build #: NMF26X.J320W8VLU2BQK1

    SE for Android status: Enforcing

    Security software version: ASKS v1.4 Release 161228

    Knox version:

    Knox 2.9
    Standard SDK 5.9.0
    Premium SDK 2.9.0
    Customization SDK 2.9.0
    Container 2.9.0
    CEP 2.2.0
    Enterprise Billing 1.3.0
    OTP 2.6.0
    SE for Android 2.4.3
    Shared Device 2..0
    TIMA 3.3.005
    VPN 2.4.0

    Android security patch level: November 1, 2017


    Device status: Official

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