SR5-2.82 zip fixed boot fail in Feb 8.1! Next question...

  • Installation of latest apk still borks phone, but root works fine with zip only. Until SR5 fix gets incorporated into a new version of apk with its GUI, does anyone know a way to check/control app root access via terminal or other?

  • @boossu
    OK, found solution.
    After successfullly rooting Oreo 8.1 (Feb 2018 release) on Nexus 5x by fashing SuperSU SR5-282 zip and using it for a day, rebooting fine, I then installed current apk from store. Reboot failed, hanging at google animation for 20 minutes. Restore of nandroid backup failed to start, not even generating a first log entry on TWRP restore screen for 10 minutes, just animated activity indicator. Forced reboot from there, which again failed as before at google animation. Rebooted to recovery and reflashed SR5 zip and all is well, Super SU GUI from apk works fine with SR5 binary.

    Woud still like any info on terminal commands for managing root access...


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