Rooting with highest success rate

  • Just a friendly reminder that some phones need to be unlocked before rooting, such as Nexus 5X.
    If the device does not require flashing in boot file, skip this part and jump to step 2


    1. Install an ADB tool on your computer
    2. Go to the phone settings and allow USB debugging mode, as shown below

    Now, let’s begin

    1. Open the ADB tool folder and do a right click to pop up a list; type in the following code: adb reboot bootloader
    2. Wait for the cellphone to reboot into bootloader and input the code: fastboot flash boot c:\boot.img
    3. Wait for the screen to indicate that the process is completed.
    4. Press volume down + power button to reboot the phone into recovery mode and wipe data cache.
    5. Plug a USB wire with the computer and allow USB debug; input the command: adb reboot bootloader
    6. When initiated bootloader, flash into recovery mode and type in the following command flash recovery recovery.img Fastboot
    7. Wait until completion and reboot the phone into recovery again. Click “advanced”, “adbsideload”
    8. Type “adb sideload” on the terminal
    9. Wait until it finishes; the phone will automatically reboot into system
    10. Check if it's rooted


  • Is there any way to root with a high success rate without using the PC?

  • Samsung root

    what is the 1,2,3 for?

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