After "full unroot" Safetynet still fails.

  • I have a problem with rooting my device. My intention was to root it and use the RootSwitch ( to hide the root (for playing Pokemon Go). This method worked fine on my old phone.

    However, after installing this, I used a root checker and it indicated that Safetynet failed. (PoGo did indeed not run).
    I then tried to unroot the device, to start over with a clean slate. But even then I got errors. The rootchecker showed 'not rooted', but there seem to be traces of su in the env path. And Safetynet also still fails.

    What can I do about this?

    alt text
    alt text

  • Samsung root

    This is why ppl started to dislike Pokemon Go. You may not be able to resume playing even unroot your phone.... You could try SuperSU and SUhide, as another option


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