I am a bit confused (SuperSU root)

  • I want to root my device with SuperSU but I am very confused about the process and theres very little I know about android and IT

    I checked the general guide but theres something that is still bugging me

    • What is it a custom recovery? how do I know if i already have one and if not how can I install one? do i need to root my device in order to install it?

    • I dont understand what they mean by "bootloader of your phone model" I tried to find the definition but havent found one I can 100% understand what exactly is it and how do I know if I already have it installed?

    • SuperSU roots my device or is a substitute for SuperUser?


  • Samsung root

    Hi íuL , thank you for your question.

    • Recovery is a "mode" in Android to do diagnostics & development works. Custom recovery (namely TWRP) is made by third party to do more. You don't need to root to install that. TWRP's website explains better.

    • The bootloader usually needs to be unlocked in order to root. This is why we stress that in the general guide.

    • SuperSU roots your device. Though you could also use it to substitute SuperUser.

    In addition, you have enlightened me that, maybe the guide needs a fix. Can you do me a favor & elaborate on the parts that you don't understand? In addition, do you feel it's better to have pictures involved? Thanks in advance!

  • @Akkash1105

    hey, thank you for answering!

    Well the bootloader and recovery mode are the most confusing concepts for me, I have heard of them but I rarely see sites who explain what they are when they mention them they also do it on a not too specific way, like they dont explain it in a way someone who's new to android or electronics in general would easily understand without having to search for another few terms.

    and yes I think pictures could help to give users a better reference, things such as "this is what we mean by "X or Y thing" or this is how it looks like" and "this is how the progress usually looks like" so users know they are doing it right.

    also could you explain me a little bit more about the bootloader?

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